Sell Your Stuff

Help the planet by selling your original stuff (Shoes, Clothes, Accessories, Football club mugs, anything) at

To sell your stuff at, please fill out this form.

It’s a transparent process that aims for a win-win situation.

We charge a service fee of 15% of the price the product gets sold at (10% if you opt for website credit instead of money).

Our service fee is inclusive of the shipping cost, the packaging cost, warehousing cost.

It's a simple form which will ask you for details like photos of your item, your selling price, bank account details and similar things.

Please make sure:

  • The item is 100% original otherwise it's of no use to us and we'll have to send it back.
  • It's not damaged or repaired. If there are any defects or issues, please let us know ahead of time.


1. Once we agree, you would need to send us the item at our provided address. Please make sure to package it securely and include any necessary documentation. Sender bears the courier fee for sending the item.


2. Once we receive the item, our team will inspect it to ensure that it is authentic and in the condition described. If everything checks out, we will transfer payment to your provided banking details on the 10th business day (Sundays don't count) after the item gets sold.


3. If the item is found to be damaged or not as described, we may return the item back to you. We bear the charges for sending the item back to you.


4. If the item doesn’t get sold within 15 days, you can ask us to send it back to you or you can renew the contract and ask us to try selling an item for another 15 days but this time we’d recommend reducing the price a little bit.


Here's an example to better explain the commission:

Let's say you send us a jacket with an asking price of 10,000 PKR. If we successfully sell the jacket, PKR 8500 (10000 - 15%) will be transferred to your account on the 10th business day after the item got sold.


Overall, this process aims to be transparent and straightforward, while still providing adequate protection for both the seller and the service provider. If you have any questions or concerns about the process, please don't hesitate to reach out and ask.


Here's to a better and greener environment! 🥂 #CircularFashion