12 Reasons to Choose Bicycle as your Daily Commute

12 Reasons to Choose Bicycle as your Daily Commute


Let's jump straight to the reasons!


1. Costs Less than Cars

Bicycles are way cheaper than cars or even motorbikes. The difference between a high-end bicycle and a high-end car is huge. So it is easier on the pocket right from the start.

2. Less Manufacturing Carbon Footprint


The production of bicycle is easy on the environment. If we compare factory A producing 100 bicycles and factory B producing 100 cars.

We can easily imagine how less smoke, usage of water and electricity, labor required, raw material required, and what else would be the result of factory A as compared to factory B.


3. Zero Contribution to Pollution

No fuel burnt = No harmful gases pumped into the air that we breathe.
As a result, we don't contribute to the environmental pollution. 
We shouldn't miss talking about the noise pollution. Bicycles are silent, totally! Imagine a world with so much less noise.

4. Less Road Wear & Tear

The weight of a bicycle is negligible as compared to a car. Imagine a 5 - 10 kg bicycle and a 1500+ kg car. The more the cars travel a road the faster that road will wear off and would need to be repaired. But how would a 5 - 10 kg bicycle put pressure on a road?

5. Exercise On The Go

Got no time for workout? Take your bicycle to go to office and your workout is already done! Congratulations! 

While riding a bicycle many muscle groups are active in low intensity for many different reasons like keeping the body straight, balancing and so on.

This is how riding a bicycle is a healthier option.


6. No Fuel Consumption

Go fuel-free as there is no engine. And where there's no engine, there are no harmful gases released.

Importing fuel hurts the economy in a number of ways. The more we rely on importing oil the more vulnerable the economy becomes to recessions.


7. Bicycle as a secondary vehicle

It might not be easy for everyone to use bicycle as the primary means of transportation but it is definitely a good idea to keep a bicycle at home. Starting small is the key. Go for little groceries or maybe a casual ride.



8. Save Time & Money in Maintenance

Two less tires to maintain, Two less brakes to take care of, No engine oil changing, No gear oils and this goes on and on. 

It's less than even half the maintenance of a car.

Also, not just the quantity of things to maintain is less but also the price of those things. The parts of a bicycle are about a lot cheaper than the parts of a car such as a tire.


9. Less Time, Energy and Water used in Cleaning

Bikes are almost 10 - 20 times smaller in their surface area as compared to a car. This takes less time, energy and water to clean them. 

And when we're not washing and  just casually removing the dust over the top, it is much easier. 


10. No Parking Fee & Space + Easy to Park

No parking fee = Money saved

Less parking space = Smaller parking area required

How can we miss the struggle while parking a car? On the contrary, parking a bicycle is super easy.


11. More Free Space on Roads

A picture is worth a thousand words.

This is a picture of space required by 60 people using bus, bicycles and personal cars. 

 Less traffic on the streets. Less traffic jams (Do you know how much air pollution is produced by a 5 - minute traffic jam?). Less road rage. Less chaos.


12. Less Cars with Three or More Empty Seats

When someone is driving a car alone, there are at least 3 seats empty.

Now he or she is paying for the 3 empty seats as well, not just monetarily. It is understandable that one might find it easy to afford the car but the picture gets complete when we take into account the environmental cost being paid.


Lastly, some say that it is too hot in Pakistan in summers to take your bicycle to office, college or university. We agree, it is hot but what about the winters? Let's start where we can. Let's bring the bicycle trend back. Let's step in the movement to stop harming nature anymore. Start small!


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I like how everything is very well versed and explained, highlighting every important point that is necessary for people to know. Remember, the rule of ACC is important where “A” as in awareness plays a vital role for the audience before “C” as in consideration and later on “C” as call to action. I’m happy to see that your content covers part “A” very well.

Sikandar Rehman

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