13 Reasons to Choose Motorbike over Car for Everyday Commute

13 Reasons to Choose Motorbike over Car for Everyday Commute


Let's jump straight to the reasons!


1. Less Fuel Consumption

Bikes burn less fuel due to the smaller engine size. This saves money when purchasing fuel along with less harmful gases released in the air.


2. Less Fuel Imports

Importing fuel hurts the economy in a number of ways. The more we rely on importing oil the more vulnerable the economy becomes to recessions.


3. You Contribute Less to the Pollution

Less fuel burnt = Less harmful gases pumped into the air that we breathe. As a result, we contribute less to the environmental pollution. This gives a sense of inner satisfaction to the person who chose motorbike over car as now there is less blame on him for polluting the environment.

4. Costs Less than a Car

Bikes are way cheaper than cars. The difference between a high-end motorbike and a high-end car is huge. So it is easier on the pocket right from the start.

5. Save Time & Money in Maintenance

Two less tires to maintain, Two less brakes to take care of, One less headlight to repair, one less rear light to get fixed and this goes on and on. 

It's almost half the maintenance of a car.

Also, not just the quantity of things to maintain is less but also the price of those things. The parts of a motorbike are about 3 times cheaper than the same parts of a car such as a tire.


6. Less Time, Energy and Water used in Cleaning

Bikes are almost 6 - 8 times smaller in their surface area as compared to a car. This takes less time, energy and water to clean them. 

And when we're not washing and  just casually removing the dust over the top, it is much easier. 


7. Less Parking Fee & Space + Easy to Park

Less parking fee = Money saved

Less parking space = Smaller parking area required

In some countries, parking for bikes is subsidized to 0 in order to encourage people to choose bike more wherever it is easy.

How can we miss the struggle while parking a car? On the contrary, parking a bike is super easy.


8. Turning Radius

The turning radius of a car is fixed but the turning radius of a bike is totally up to you. Just tilt it a little and you can easily come out of narrow space while if it were a car you would have to reverse it about 3 times. 

9. More Free Space on Roads

Although this photo is a comparison between bicycles and cars, we can see how much space cars take and if these cars were replaced by motorbikes it would save almost half the space on the roads. That means less traffic jams!


10. Less Cars with Three or More Empty Seats

When a man  is driving a car alone, there are at least 3 seats empty.

Now this man is paying for the 3 seats, not just monetarily. It is understandable that the man might have a lot of money but the picture gets complete when we take into account the environmental cost being paid.


11. Reach your Destination Quicker

Considering the roads and traffic of Pakistan, it takes almost half the time for a bike to reach a particular destination as compared to a car. That saves a lot of time. 
Less time driving = Being less tired and more fresh and ready to accomplish big things

12. Simulates Riding a Horse and Connects us with our Ancestors

We Drive a car and Ride a motorbike.
Riding is a timeless activity. It was there since forever. People used to ride horses. Horses are a gift of nature specially designed for our bodies and we specially designed to ride them. There's a beautiful synchronization when a man is riding a horse.
Part of that feeling can be felt when riding a motorbike. Bikers know what we're talking about here. 

13. Helps Strengthen your Core Muscles

While riding a bike many muscle groups are active in low intensity for many different reasons like keeping the body straight, balancing and so on.

This is how riding a bike is slightly a healthier option.


Some Good Lifetime Investments to make on the Way


1. A Good Bikers Jacket

It will help keep your clothes away from dust and smoke. You'll feel more fresh and clean.


2. A Good Helmet

A helmet that ensures protection, is aerodynamic, has a high quality visor and has removable padding so it can be cleaned easily. 


3. Gloves

These little thingies doesn't let the dust or smoke pass inside your sleeves thus keeping your arms and torso clean. This will ensure you don't need to take bath after each ride. 


While some may not consider bike as the safest option to ride with family, it is definitely better to ride a bike for single or double passengers for everyday commute. 

Lastly, one might question Why am I seeing an article about bikes on a shoe store? That's because this is not just a shoe store, this is a thrift store that cares about the environment. In fact, the primary motivation of this thrift store is to make this planet a better place and increase our love and respect for nature. 



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