This picture was shot by us (the same guys who wrote this article) while we were in the North of Pakistan, searching for meaning in life.

Who We Are

The Story So Far

Not sure when it started but it was somewhere in 2018 when this thought badly hit us "What is our purpose in life?". We had jobs but through those jobs we weren't contributing much in the society and giving back to the world. This thought had nothing to do with "I want to become the youngest billionaire" OR "Hustle Hard" and other monetary success motivation stuff. It was simply about contribution and solving some existing problem.

So, in January 2020 just before "Corona" we made our decision to quit the jobs while still not clear about "What next?". We started looking for new ideas, even started a venture with 3 other friends which was focused on buy & sell of pre-owned clothes named Almari but people were scared wearing pre-owned clothes as it was days when Corona was hyped.

While figuring life out we took our backpack and went to the North of Pakistan without any plan. This plan did not include the luxuries of classy rooms, expensive food and convenience. It only included survival food and till this day we remember we rented a room for 4500 a month. Had to manage as we had no jobs and were exhausting our savings. 

Came back to Lahore with some clarity in our heads due to time spent in solitude, one morning this idea of online pre-owned store just hit us real hard. The benefits of wearing pre-owned were so many to the community, global economy and environment that it would take another article to list them up. This was exactly what we were looking for, to give something back to the Earth.

Right then and there we decided, started taking baby steps and in October 2020, Athleticorner was launched and is improving in its contribution ever since.


P.S. The cover photo of this article was shot by us while we were in the North of Pakistan.

Camera used: LG G5

And by "us" in this article we refer to two brothers whose journey is being shared.

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Great to Listen great Motivational story and inspiration to all.

Arbab Ul Hassan

This is the 1st time i tried and its worth it seriously loving it.

Raja Shahbaz

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